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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  July 14, 2010 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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enforcement one of the few legitimate branches of government. >> sean: we to run. i have a back-up. that's all the time we have left, thank you for being with us. greta is next. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> greta: there's a protest, protesters swarm the major league baseball game in anaheim, california. why? because they oppose arizona's illegal immigration law and they demand that next year's all-star game scheduled for arizona, be moved to another state. >> move the game!
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>> greta: joining us live outside the all-star game is roberto from good evening. >> glad to be with us. >> greta: why are you protesting now for a game that is going to be next year? >> i'm here as a fan and as somebody who is opposed to arizona's dangerous racial discrimination and racial profiling law sb-1070. i've been watching baseball like ayla tinos since i was a child -- like a lot of latinos since i was child. my father taught me to love baseball since he took know see willie mays and stories about hank aaron. a story he told me about the way major league baseball came out and recognized not just jackie robinson in 1947 was an extraordinary player but that he was a human being. in the same way we want commissioner selig to do the
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right thing, like major league baseball did in 1947 and take the position on an issue that is of a concern to more than 100,000 people who signed the petition. >> greta: would it change your mind or would you reverse your consideration if sb-1070 did not racially profile? >> if sb-1070 did not racially profile and written in such a way where it makes being without papers a crime. if it removed laws that racially profile people if it didn't facilitate the local law enforcement wasting our tax dollars by doing immigration law which is a federal issue, we totally would be, you know moving on and watching the game instead of having to protest. not the game, but bud selig's refuseal to the game out of arizona.
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>> greta: two part question: sb-1070 president obama and his justice department have sued arizona, they have not raised racial profiling. most assume because they read the statute and it does not raise the issue, that's number one. the second issue is, in terms of people here in this country, do you think people who are here illegally should have the right to stay? >> the first question to the motives of the obama administration, behind the injunction, i think that's up to the obama administration. i would say however, the obama administration seeps to be sending mixed messages on immigration. good that he's coming out against sb-1070 as has shakira, kanye west, darryl hall and john oates, 100,000 petition signers and players this week. barack obama, we like what he's doing there. why is he militarizing the
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border when the fbi tells us crime is down at the u.s./mexico /arizona border. >> greta: i think president obama is saying the statute does not racially profile. let me ask you precisely, do you believe that people are here illegally should be allowed to stay? >> i think people that here undocumented are here for a number of reasons. immigration laws is the most complex in our -- get that's not quite the question. i'm trying to figure out where the line is for you. i'm trying to figure out whether or not you think if you don't have papers, you don't have a visa, you are not a citizen, not here legally, do you think those people have a right to be here if they are here illegally? >> i think that what is happening with sb-1070 and our conflict with bud selig over having the all-star game in
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the face of supporting this dangerous law has everything to do with the failure of our immigration system people on the left, the right, people throughout the united states agree we have a failed immigration system. the primary issue is that how do we create a system that brings in people who we want to be here who pay taxes, who work, who are contributing to baseball. right now hopefully the national league is starting to win, san francisco contributing there are immigrant players on that field, immigrant ceos so we have to have a serious debate immigration rather than a simple debate and a dangerous debate as sb-1070 having. bud dee shouldn't be exposing baseball through the politics of immigration. he should take the game out of arizona and continue with the ball game. >> greta: roberto, i got to go, thank you for joining us. >> thank you, greta, glad to
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be here. >> reporter: our own adam housley, a former baseball pitcher at the game. he talked to two major league all stars about arizona's immigration law. >> think about it, i'm not a politician. i'm not in politics. like i said, my first reaction was, i don't agree with it. it is something that does affect, you know, my heritage. but at the same time now that i've talked to a few people, i understand why it was put in place. you know, i respect it. i respect their decision to put it. i really don't -- i still don't agree but i do respect it. it is something i'm not going to get involved in. >> as far as the all-star game next year a lot of players who get the opportunity to get invited hopefully everything will go smoothly. arizona, you know we have a beautiful stadium. it will be nice for everything to go smoothly. would it be a shame for
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everything to get thrown away for whatever reason. >> greta: politics, illegal immigration and religion are colliding. joining us, president of the -- he had a meeting today at the white house about illegal immigration. who did you meet with? >> valerie jarrett and a couple of other staffers. we wanted to than the president for giving the speech we asked him toe give. they wanted to talk about where we go from here s of putting comprehensive immigration reform back on the front burner. >> greta: the big debate among many the issue of securing the bore . the second part is the comprehensive immigration reform, whatever we are going to do about that do you have any opposition to, as an urgent matter to secure the border and those areas of the country that are particularly troublesome? >> absolutely not. i think we have to. i think it is a required prerequisite to anything else, you've got to secure the border.
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it didn't mean close it means having control of the border. the federal government has control over who goes aster you couldn't do it. don't want to sort of secure or control the border, whatever word we use, until there's agreement on the whole immigration issue the 11 million or 10 million documented here. >> we tried that last time. we tried doing it simultaneously. to be blunt about it, the american people don't trust the federal government to keep its word and secure the border. the last time when reagan gave the general amnesty, he didn't secure the border and we had a fresh wave of undocumented workers coming across. i think you can do the legislation at one time. secure the border, but it has to be sequential. the bill is going to have to
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say we got to secure the border here the metrics, here's the definition. and the government has to certify the border has been secured. then and only then would you trigger the second part of the legislation which would be a six to nine month grace period to come forward and to get the tune to begin to become legal. >> greta: here's the problem, process passed at one time. here's the problem, the president can't get his own party to agree to it right now. there's no chance there's going to be a comprehensive immigration beyond the 11 million. while everyone fights about that, the border is insecure that's why many are saying and have our big fight about the 11 million. >> if the president put forward legislation that would been fit securing the border his party would come along on the second part that's the part they want. >> greta: he doesn't have democrat as growing with him in arizona. >> i know.
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>> greta: this is not a close nor easy issue is >> not going to get done without presidential leadership and not going to get done without politicians beginning to behave like statesmen. >> greta: i think he has the authority to take big steps on an emergency basis. the other is a much more difficult, we almost need a magician to work the other problem out. if possible to secure the border, i think the president has the authority to do it. >> i think he does. to me, the arizona law is a symptom. the arizona law is a cry for help, from a state let down by federal government under democratic and republican administrations that has not done its job. the best way to solve the issue of the arizona law is to pass comprehensive federal legislation that makes the arizona legislation irrelevant. >> greta: i totally agree. the primary issue the people in arizona are saying we need our board earth secure now. >> i understand. i grew up in texas. i understand they are outraged
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that the government has not secured the border. we can secure the border. the government, the federal government of the united states has the power and authority to do what it chooses to do. you know, the irs comes to mind. you know, you don't pay your taxes they will come and get you. >> greta: indeed they will. thank you sir for joining us. now a special programming note two big interviews: tomorrow night john mccain will be here. thursday night one of the interviews we've been waiting for janet napolitano goes on the record. we are going to the united states/mexico border with secretary napolitano. right here at 10 p.m. eastern. next do you want to put a check on president obama's power? if you answered yes, are you alone? new numbers that report is next. >> everyone is buzzing about e-verify. is it the best way to fight illegal immigration or can it
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>> greta: democrats get a november thumping. listen to this before you answer. in a new poll voters were asked, do you think more important to have the democrats in charge of congress to help support president obama's policies or to have the republicans in charge to act as a check on obama's policies? 51% want the republicans in charge, 43% want the democrats, of% -- 6% have no opinion. what do you make of this poll? >> if you drill down on the
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numbers people aren't sold on the republicans. it is not like they like what the republicans are going to do. on a lot of issues they still prefer the president and the democrats. they do buy into the argument about balancing out what president obama is doing and they are likely to throw their lot with the republicans or say they are going to do that even though they are not thrilled with the republicans in general >> greta: is there a way to know what drives this? they may not like health care or they don't like concentrated power. >> that's one thing. two other things, one is independents, big strength for president obama in the campaign. they've soured on him. they've gone south no longer supporting him in anything like the numbers they did during the election. the other is the economy we saw it drop in people's approval on how he's handling the economy, a sense of spending out of control, unemployment still high and the sense of the president not addressing it as fully as people would like.
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people seem to have switched their opinion in the last couple of weeks over that >> greta: it says 51% want republicans in charge. if a month ago it was at 30% i would say oh my god, a big deal. if it were 49 1/2 a month ago i would think this could be a margin of error. any way to indicate it is a trend or any great moment come november? you can look at last fall when the president was already having problems big advantage on the democrats on the generic battle, would you rather have a democrat or republican controlling congress? that changed entirely. it has been a long time since we saw this kind of a gap for republicans. people saying they want republicans to control that is a big switch, a big trend and it has democrats very concerned about this election. >> greta: if the no opinion went democrat they would be tied. what is with the no opinion people is 6% significant?
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>> i wonder about that people who say they are not sure. there's going to be late breakers, people that change their mine. people are souring on individual members of congress. there's a phrase people hate congress and love their congressman. that may not happen this time a growing number are saying i'm ready to at least kick the tires of other candidates. >> greta: the president's press secretary sunday sort of said, it could easily be the house could go republican. then you have steny hoyer and congressman today saying no, i assume the -- to what extent was that like driving a take in the heart of democrats? >> democrats done like to hear that >> greta: were they mad? are they going to call up the white house? >> they realize where come . an acknowledgement, a fact. gibbs is stating a fact there are enough seats in play.
1:18 am
that is not something you typically hear from the white house press secretary. you are right it is about motivating the base. >> greta: does that motivate the base? i would think that would be uninspiring. if someone says we are losing this is going toed about, bleak i want to head for the hills. i don't feel inspired -- i don't feel inspired to rally the troops. >> they've talked over and over again about this needs to be a choice. if a choice democrats have a chance if is a referendum democrats say yes or no, it is not going to be good for them. >> greta: that may be the strategy of the white house to tell everybody what is at stake. when you have capitol hill say no it is not going to happen it didn't sound like they are on the same page. >> the white house doesn't think going to happen either. they are saying the math is there to make it possible. on one level truth telling on
1:19 am
the other it is about scaring people into realizing what is going on from the hill perspective from democrats on the hill not a helpful message from the white house they think it fuels the other side. if republicans believe they have a chance that motivates their base. >> greta: are the democrats worried, terrified or slightly worried? >> one thing that is different, democrats have been worried for a long time they've seen this coming. >> greta: thank you. next the president does not want to be one of the 9.7% of americans without a job, if he doesn't fix the economy and fast he may find himself looking for work. new numbers coming up >> angelina jolie says she will marry brad pitt under one condition. what is the condition? what is the condition? we'll tell you, coming up. if you're using the leading sensitivity toothpaste, you may be missing some of the protection you need. crest pro-health is the only leading toothpaste
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>> greta: jobs, jobs and jobs. the state of the economy would make or break president obama this news is not good. new cbs poll finds 71% say their local job market is bad or very bad. 70% say the job market will stay the same or get worse. steve moore joins us live
1:23 am
senior economic writer for "wall street journal" editorial page. he's run out of time on this politically. >> they are not about the way this economic is working and they don't agree joe biden that the economic stimulus plan has worked. you look at these numbers, i went through the whole poll people are glum across the board. this was a bloomberg poll that came out also today over half of americans think the budget deficit is a serious dangerous crisis. >> greta: look at what erskine bowles said. >> job numbers are terrible by 2-1 margin. people in their local area that their job market is getting worse not better. dismal number. >> greta: regretably with the economy one factor was psychological impact whether people feel i am spired or hopeful or think going to change. there's none of that inspiration.
1:24 am
-- 71% think the job market in their area is bad. whether you approve or disapprove of the president's handling the economy 51% disapprove. >> that's a bad number especially considering when the president was first elected he had 70% an previously rating. there was a high level of public support for what president obama was doing. i think the problem has been the president hasn't come out with anything new. we still have near 10% unemployment. it has been a year and a half there's no new program. all the president talks about is more spending, more deficits and no game changing plan that americans can feel inspired by. >> greta: what distresses me is who he has making decision for this economy. for lack of a better word a lot of them are egg heads. they've never run a business. i've heard that on other shows this is summers the director of the white house national
1:25 am
economic counsel, today everybody agrees the recession is over. and the question what the pace of the expansion is going to be. the date of that december 14th, 2009. it may in a model be over. when you don't have a job and the unemployment rate stays stagnant at a staggering number to say the recession is over says she's looking out from a classroom model. he doesn't realize what this is about. that's the guy advising the president. >> ironically, president obama and vice president biden now on this summer of economic recovery tour and the numbers have come out have been grim. there's a disconnect with the way washington thinks the recovery is working than the way americans do. >> greta: here's the chief of economics, down turn is over, september 24th, 2009.
1:26 am
the recession is over. maybe for them. >> it looks like in the spring the numbers were getting better. we had positive job get in the spring. that was a period when it looks like we were climbing out. the last couple of months job numbers have been bad and people have taken a consumer spending had fallen again. i think there's a big disconnect between what washington is doing and what people on main street are feeling. >> greta: they look at the numbers, all you have to do is get in a car and drive around to any of these towns look at the for lease signs. look at the parking lots, these malls are empty. you don't need fancy pedigrees and looking at fancy economic models. >> they need to get out more. the worst thing is the worst states are what -- states like california, nevada, florida, arizona where the unemployment
1:27 am
rate is really high. >> greta: nevada took over michigan it is number one. >> i know. i think really time for a new economic game changing plan. i couldn't agree with you more why not bring in somebody with business experience. why not fred smith to turn this economy around? >> greta: at least somebody who knows the recession -- any way, steve thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: you have been hearing about e-verify is that the answer to all our illegal immigration problems or another way to game the system? we report, you decide, next. >> a special interview just for you the one and only bret michaels is here. how is his health? what about his new album? what does he think of donald trump? and really replace simon a few years ago i got a wake up call. a heart attack at 57. that was a rough time. my doctor told me i should've been doing more
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...featuring our entire stressless line. give yourself the gift of ultimate comfort. and where better to find it than from stressless, the innovators of comfort. call now for a free catalog and dvd featuring our entire stressless line. >> greta: called e-verify a hot new tool to fight illegal immigration. is it too easy to game e-verify? griff jenkins has a report. >> reporter: it began in the mid 90s as a pilot program. today used by over 200,000 companies across the country. called e-verify federal online program for companies to ver fight work eligibility of its employees. participation -- participation mandatory unless in arizona or
1:31 am
mississippi or work for a federal contractor run by the office of u.s. citizenship and immigration services here at the department of homeland security. >> we first need to have hired someone in the case we are going to do now we have the employee george washington. we've offered a job to. he has accepted. we now have the form to create the space on e-verify and get our results. select the permanent resident card. on the next screen the details at the top of the form which is his name, date of birth, social security number. the social security number is very important that's what social security administration uses to determine whether george washington is indeed a lawful, permanent resident. that's how you verify the results. we'll enter that here. right now e-verify is checking millions of records. because we selected that george washington has a green
1:32 am
card we have photo match. e-verify will display the photo we have in our government records. we are supposed to compare that to the green card that george washington presented when he filled out the form. this does match and we will select yes. e-verify will give us our results in in case like in more than 96% of the cases we get an employment authorized. that means that george washington is indeed authorized to work in the united states. as an employer we have the peace of mind we are maintaining a legal workforce. >> reporter: we just received a tutorial on e-verify. what was it supposed to do? what is it doing effectively as used today? >> e-verify is a tool that we provide to employers to assist them in ensuring a lawful workforce. it is effective. fast. it is easy. and free.
1:33 am
>> reporter: how accurate is it? a evaluation was commissioned and they found flaws. how well does it work? >> extraordinary effective we've made tremendous improvements over the last few years. the report that we commissioned found that e-verify is accurate over 96% of the time. so a very, very effective tool. its ability to detect identity fraud to address the employee who is using somebody else's identity, is an area where we are improving marketedly. with respect to the employee who comes and represents him or herself accurately, to the new employer, e-verify is remarkably accurate. >> reporter: critics of e-verify, members of congress
1:34 am
on our program, representative gutierrez was critical. >> e-verify according to the federal government flip a coin, okay. you are not here illegally, flip a coin. half the time it gives you a false verification. >> reporter: senator graham, supportive perhaps in the concept but critical of the flaws we just talk thed about. what do you say? >> i think some of the criticism is the result of -- is history as posed to present success. e-verify did not, a couple of years ago envoy the level of accuracy, the -- enjoy the level of accuracy, speed and customer service that we enjoy today. we should be measured on today not what we've improved upon of two years ago let's say. >> reporter: everybody in the country is looking to answers, is e-verify a good part of the
1:35 am
future as we try and solve our problems? >> e-verify is and credibly effective and user-friendly way employer can ensure the lawfulness of his or her workplace. >> reporter: states like mississippi and first arizona have made it mandated to have e-verify used in the public and private sector. what are your feelings about federally across the country for every state? >> i know the state's decision particularly arizona is a decision that was challenged in the lower courts mandatory law was upheld in the lower courts. now the supreme court has decided to take that case. we look toward to the supreme court's decision. i can't comment on it. whether or not e-verify will be mandated, federally, i think a question for the federal legislature. we, as a system, as administrator of the e-verify
1:36 am
system have the ability to expand its capacity, should that indeed be the law of the land. >> greta: here's what is coming up on the o'reilly factor. bill: michelle obama talking politics. we'll analyze. is straight marriage unconstitutional? is it legal? >> greta: o'reilly at 11. we are live until the top of the hour. get ready rock star bret michaels is here, working with donald trump, the latest on his health and did he -- did he replace simon cowell and "american idol?" i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations.
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until...cascade complete pacs. the best of powder and gel one pac combine to conquer tough foods and greasy messes. cascade complete pacs. combine and conquer. >> from america's news
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headquarters, i'm ainsley earhardt. a developing story from the gulf. b.p. is now postponing tests on that new cap on top of the gushing well. government officials ordered the delay until a further analysis of the plan has been completed. no word yet on when the test might begin, which was supposed to start on tuesday. the test will help b.p. tomorrowr determine if the new cap can withstand the pressure from the flowing oil and plug the three-month-old leak. the barefoot bandit is back in the u.s., arriving in mimeo tuesday. a two-year manhunt, ending with his arrest in the bahamas on sunday. moore pleading guilt tow minor charge there is. the 19-year-old wanted in connection with a string of break-ins and plane thefts in eight states. he reportedded lie left chalk outlines of his feet at the crime scenes, where he got his nickname. i'm ainsley earhardt. back to greta. he's a rock star, reality tv star. weeks ago he almost died if a
1:41 am
brain hemorrhage. the one and only bret michaels. tonight he goes on the record. nice to see you. >> great to see you, how are you doing? >> greta: i'm doing very well. i've gone through the list of thins in your life. new book this fall. new album out the celebrity apprentice, the possibility of "american idol." i don't know where to start. i'll pick one the album. >> i love the new album called custom built. i absolutely put all my time and energy into it as i did with all the records i've made. what is exciting is, i recorded a lot of this music on the road over the last year. we got most of it done before i sick. there's a few more songs i would like to have put on it but that didn't happen. what is great is the music and everything i put into this reflects where i'm at in my life now. especially this song called "what i got."
1:42 am
i loved doing that and of course we did "every roses that its thorn" real rootsy. i'm excited. >> greta: you say where you are in your life. you have these enormously exciting things going on with the album and the book. yet, you have these health problems that have been deeply disturbing as we've watched on the sidelines. you have stunned and horrified us what is your health situation? >> the bottom line is this, i'm a fighter. and i'm fortunate and i say this grace of god, i'm fortunate to be here. when i had the appendectomy, i thought that's it and i thought i'll get through, no big deal. when i had the brain hemorrhage, i absolutely did not expect. i felt if i could have been out of the hospital after through the first five or six days and could tart to walk and talk and all that if i could have got out of the
1:43 am
hospital i would have left. they kept me for just over two weeks. we started rehab. from that i'll tell you where it even got a little more depressing, for me is, i like to keep my spirit up is when i found out i had a hole in my heart i had a pvo, and that has to be operated on in january. after that, i feel like i'm going to be running 100% again. i keep a positive spirit and i'm thankful for the well wishes and prayers and good vibes people sent my way. >> greta: health scares certainly resets your priority, at least in the short run, don't they? >> i've always felt that i've been really, really good with people. i try to be very conscious of everything that is going on around me. the fact that i've been a juvenile diabetic i've been taking four shots a day since
1:44 am
i was four years old. i was aware when i had the hemorrhage that something had gone really wrong with my the only thing that saved my life is that kristi got me to the hospital right away and i reacted so quickly it reduced the bleed. for a lot of people, no one wants to go to the emergency room if you don't have to. but i knew something was wrong. it put perspective on my life and my kids and my family and being able to enjoy every moment. >> greta: i could tell you, everyone was stunned and pulling for you. to the good stuff. what is donald trump like? >> awesome. i know you are thinking because he chose 's the reason. here's the thing, i had such amazing time doing that here's is what was great. i had done three seasons of the rock of love. it was a lot of fun and me. at the same time it showed me
1:45 am
sucking a lot of face, i wanted to show i had been in the business 23 years you don't get lucky that long. get to show i work hard especially fighting for a great cause like american diabetes association and diabetes itself. trump was amazing. i call him the rock starve reals stay. i knew -- the rock star of real estate. he liked music, he saw i came from a hardworking family. holly was unbelievable. but i felt that i brought it. the creativity and the hard work and i felt i really brought show. >> greta: you mentioned the working-class family you are a steelers' fan i grew up near green bay. steelers are not good any more. >> stop, i'm also good friends. first of all let me go to green bay pore a minute. the packers are also an amazing smash mouth football
1:46 am
team, down and dirty i'm friend with a.j. and all the guys and they've all come out to the shows and had a great time. our steelers are gonna bring it back. we had the curse of the super bowl win. the next year after, it is pretty traditional that most teams have a tough time having a winning see soon the next year, but we are bringing it back. if ben doesn't work out i'm going to throw the ball for pittsburgh. they've asked know be the weekend. >> greta: do you know who rocky pwhraoeur is? >> i even own his book. >> greta: went to my high school. >> i love him, i went and played for the men and women in the armed forces, rocky blier is a -- rocky bly a huge inspiration. >> greta: "american idol" do you think you would be good at it? >> i think i could do a great job. i've lived from it ground up.
1:47 am
the basements and the s of pennsylvania to the bars and i say on every level, i could give them advice. i'm also one of those people i'm not as brutally as honest as simon is. simon was an original and he brought brutal honesty. i could give a good honest answer on the passion of music and navigating the business of being and having a long career. >> greta: you mentioned the fact that you have been doing this for 23 years. it does take a lot of hard work. you don't have that kind of success without pounding every single day and working, it really does take work, doesn't it? >> it takes hard work everyday. i laugh now when bands say get a record deal, we made it. i said no, you just made it with your foot in the door. now if you want to do this for your career it takes a lot of hard work. there's never a goes by we are not out there trying to go out play music, make it work.
1:48 am
all the scenes behind that stage is how you get to that stage and make -- great football teams have to practice and rehearse and get it right it is the same with me solo or poison we put a lot of time in to make sure the show is great. the travel, you better have nerves of steel with being on the road and living out of a suitcase. you better really like the life you are about to lead. >> greta: who do you admire who has understood the business? >> i really admire mick jagger. i'll never for question this -- i'll never forget in. i grew up a rolling stones fan. they are playing the coliseum, jagger is up there and he has this throw-overcoat and calling out the light cues with the lighting crew. this was early on in my career. i thought maybe i was the only nut ball that wanted to be out there the crew saying shouldn't we move the lights this way and make this work and make in look better.
1:49 am
i was watching mick jagger call out light for a guy that successful to be still concerned with how his show looked was a great inspiration to me. >> greta: i think everyone should go out and buy your cd. your book coming out in the fall. we want you to come back when your book comes out and after your successful surgery in january. >> you know it. thank you again for having me on. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> greta: next the best of the rest, angelina jolie ready to tie the knot with brad pitt. one important thing needs to happen first. we'll tell thank you next. >> a reporting coming up. plus what else do we have to video of a dog jumping competition. [ store employee ] welcome to the inheritance store.
1:50 am
♪ [ store employee ] what we try to do is help people get big fat whopping inheritance checks from relatives they didn't even know they had. [ customer 1 ] what information do you need from me? [ store employee ] if i could just get your social security number? the street you grew up on. your mother's maiden name. your mother's father, mother's mother, father's father. do you have a favorite dead pet by any chance? [ customer 2 ] sara. [ store employee ] could you write that down? ♪
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>> greta: here the best of the rest. they might be the most famous unmarried couple on earth. hollywood superstars angelina jolie and brad pitt. could wedding bells soon be ringing for the couple? maybe, under one condition, if the children asks. she says i think it would be hard to say no to the kids. they are raising six children together so that means six chances. what can be better? any place than a dog jumping competition. a dog ing competition caught on tape. at the summer festival in libertiville, illinois dozens of daredevil dogs end the competition. the pups charged, leaping into a 27 gallon pool of water. no word which dog won. let's be honest this is
1:54 am
fantastic video, isn't it? we could watch all day. >> this sounds like the plot of a children's story but a true story unlikely trio of animals reunited tonight. it started when two dogs were found walking together on a road in s, they were taken to a shelter and inexcept . the state law required that the goat be impounded. officials decided what to do when the man who owned the goat and the great dane came forward he decided to give both up for adoption with their friend a three-legged labrador named lucky. officials have decided the trio can stay at the orphanage until all three are adopted together. dozens have called about the trio. if you are interested, better get on it, move fast. >> maybe pakistan needs a new name. the leader in online searches
1:55 am
for pornography this is ironic stick pakistan is known for being a conservative muslim country. government workers at the sec are addressing the problem trying to get the united states into the top spot for porn searches. that is a joke, at least we hope. there you have the best of the rest. still ahead, am i about to throw my hat in the ring of politics? stay tuned.
1:56 am
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash those studio lights. it's time. last call. now, this is a fox news alert. aim not running for governor of wisconsin. is that a story? i don't think so. but apparently others do. sheer what happened. during a light hearted interview i was asked what i would try if i knew i couldn't fail. my answer was running for governor of wisconsin. it was a joke. the interview was published we've seen interviews about me considering a run for governor. plan to be here for a long, long time. o'reilly? he might run. i don't know. and and don't forget, next two weeks, tomorrow, senator john mccain is here and then, thursday, homeland security chief janet napolitano goes on the record. we're going to the u.s.-mexico border